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  • transition planning
  • assistance with sorting personal and household items
  • packing and unpacking
  • organization of in-home or off-site storage
  • distribution of items to charitable organizations, thrift stores, shelters
  • meeting with auctioneers
  • arranging for appraisals
  • coordinating with movers, cleaners
  • conducting garage and estate sales
  • disposal of items such as old paint
  • delivery of bequests

We are in contact with many thrift stores, charities and other organizations, and are familiar with their needs for reusable items. This allows us to assist you in making decisions for the distribution of any items you may wish to recycle or donate. We are also in touch with coin and stamp collectors, used book stores, consignment shops and antique dealers to provide information with respect to any items that you may wish to sell.

For your reassurance, we are bonded.

References available upon request.